What we did

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In early February 2015, we held events in London and Birmingham to discuss and agree our approach and consider key questions for the project (see presentation below).  These events provided a chance to share our own experiences and perspectives on research engagement.  In addition, we undertook a simple mapping exercise to capture the different ways we approach R&D in our own schools and alliances. 

To gain a wider perspective, we undertook a survey of teaching schools in February 2015, to explore how teaching schools and alliances are approaching R&D.  As our survey shows, school leaders and teachers are keen for ideas and suggestions on how to develop R&D, especially schools who are just starting on their R&D journey, and those who are looking to go further in expanding R&D and embedding a culture of collaborative enquiry.

In addition, we compiled examples from our own experiences and reviewed case studies from previous research projects, including research by the National College, to draw insights and examples of the diverse ways R&D is approached and structured in different schools and alliances.

Finally, we gathered together a range of resources from different sources on how to get started with R&D, go further with research engagement and embed a research rich culture in practice.