Developing a research rich culture of enquiry and innovation cannot be achieved over night.  More established teaching schools and alliances describe how their approach to R&D has moved through several phases of developments, usually taking a number of years to get started and begin to grow within the school, before expanding further and finally becoming embedded in school systems and processes and in the life and culture of the school and classroom.

The journey towards evidence-informed teaching and learning therefore takes time, patience and perseverance. This framework aims to support schools wherever they currently are on this journey to take their next steps towards research engagement. Importantly, it allows for ebb and flow, recognising that the process of developing R&D is not linear or uniform for individuals or organisations, and that teachers and schools in a partnership will not necessarily evolve at the same pace or in the same way.


Are you research ready?

The design of the framework, with its three stages of development – emerging, expanding and embedding – explicitly recognises that R&D within a school or alliance evolves over time.  Each section of the framework offers:

  • A tool to diagnose where you are in relation to R&D, where you want to be and the steps needed to get there

  • Ideas and suggestions on different research roles and activities, including appointing and growing your own research leaders, working with a critical friend to set priorities, forming a research team or enquiry group, running and evaluating research projects and embedding a culture of collaborative enquiry in the school and beyond

  • Case studies giving examples of how schools and alliances at different stages of development are using research and enquiry to enhance teaching and learning

  • Top tips, advice and suggestions for taking the next step towards becoming a research rich school