Embedding: Top tips

As a group of schools and alliances at various stages of research engagement, we are very conscious of the challenges that schools and teachers face in mobilising and sustaining engagement with R&D.  This page offers some hints and tips on coping with these challenges, drawn from external research as well as our own experiences:


Work towards cultural change

  • Creating a culture that is curious, research-oriented and open to learning and feedback will ensure sustainability of research outcomes.

Emphasise development over judgement

  • External accountability can hold people back from genuine collaboration.  Taking a non-judgemental approach and focusing on development can inspire and reassure.

Take the time you need

  • Bringing about deep change doesn’t happen overnight.  Invest time for teachers and middle leaders to get to know each other and each other’s schools, design, participate in and evaluate projects and reflect on learning.

For further ideas see 10 Tips for Successful School-led Research Projects