About this Project

In December 2014, the National College for Teaching and Leadership commissioned a group of 15 teaching school alliances from across the country to develop a framework or ‘typology’ of R&D roles and research activities.  The collaborative project has involved the active contribution of all participants, coordinated by the RSA Academies Teaching School Alliance.

We came together in February and March 2015 to share our own experiences and perspectives on R&D, design a survey of teaching schools and undertake a review of case studies.  These different strands of activity informed our thinking and helped us design the framework that is captured here. 

Our goal is to provide practical suggestions for teachers and school leaders on how R&D can be established, expanded and embedded within their school and across alliances and wider partnerships.  We would value your comments and reflections on the framework and website, to help inform the next phase of the project, which will revise and refine the prototype so that it can be most useful for teachers and schools, and support wider engagement with R&D.