Supporting schools to become research rich

At a time of growing interest in educational research and evidence-informed practice, many teachers and school leaders are keen for ideas and practical suggestions on how to get started with research and develop it further in their own setting. 

This site offers support for schools and alliances to engage with research and take part in enquiry, wherever they are on their journey of research engagement. Rather than offering a uniform approach or single model of best practice, it seeks to respond to the diverse needs, values and characteristics of particular settings and contexts. 


What do we mean by ‘research’?

We take a broad and inclusive view of educational research, defining it as the gathering of data and evidence in order to generate new insights and gain knowledge and understanding, and recognising its multi-disciplinary nature, underpinned by diverse theories, philosophies and methodologies.

By research rich schools’ we mean formal learning environments (including nurseries and colleges) in which research thrives.  Research rich schools make use of evidence from different sources to encourage enquiry, innovation and evaluation, enabling pupils and professionals to be curious and enquiring learners.


Are you research ready?

Schools in an alliance or partnership are likely to be at different places in terms of research engagement: for example, some schools may have embedded R&D in their systems and culture, whilst other schools are just getting started.

Each section of the framework offers a brief definition and self-diagnosis tool to help you understand where your school and alliance is at in relation to R&D and identify areas for focus and attention.

Click on the relevant box below to find out more about each stage of development and practical suggestions for taking the next step.